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Emma Pearn Equine Art
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About me

Hello and welcome to my site. I am an young Cornish artist that specialises in equine and canine art. During the years I have developed a real passion and skill for portraits.

Living in the Cornish countryside gave me the opportunity to share my artwork with many animal lovers.

This website represents my hobby being turned into a small business.

I wish you all to have a great time on my site and enjoy my artwork.

My work

I began painting from an early age as a hobby. My parents and friends motivated and encouraged me to take my talent further. At the age of 10 my work was featured with the Society of Equestrian Artists at London’s Mall Gallery, becoming the youngest member to have ever exhibited.

From this I decided to form my own business as a portrait artist. My work has somewhat expanded to include medieval inspired paintings, capturing a truly romantic era.

I have also taken my work to a completely new level by winning numerous county shows and having hosted private exhibitions throughout Cornwall.